Q. How often should I re-pot my monstera houseplant?

Does it need a climbing support pole?


Monstera deliciosa  is a vining plant from the rainforest of Mexico and Central America that makes use of aerial roots to climb up and through the branches of trees in its native habitat.

In the home, maturing plants will need the support of a moss covered pole that they can climb. If your young monstera plant is growing and beginning to sag, it is time to add a mossy climbing support for the plant. You can make your own supporting pole by filling a tube of rolled plastic netting with sphagnum moss and embedding the end deep in the soil of the pot.

As the plant grows into a vine, encourage some of the aerial roots into the moss covered support for your plant and allow the rest to remain exposed where they will absorb moisture from the air.  Mist the plant and its moss pole daily for optimal humidity.

Monsteras like to be root-bound and can stay in the same pot for years, moving to one size larger pot only when the roots come out through the drain hole. Quick-draining soil is essential. Equal parts potting soil, peat and sand are generally best. Once a maximum pot size is reached, replace the top layer of soil every other year.

For complete care guidelines for this plant, refer to our Guide to Monstera.

Courtesy of NYBG Plant Information Service

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