How much water does my Pachira aquatica money tree need?


Pachira needs a routine of  moderate moisture, in a container with a drain hole and soil that drains well. In its native environment, it experiences heavy rain and then dryness. Water thoroughly, making the potting mixture moist, and check back after 15 minutes to remove any water sitting in the plant's run-off dish. Allow the soil to nearly dry between waterings, but do not let the roots dry out. Make sure that your soil is hydrating properly during watering but then err on the side of dryness. A water meter probe can help you to gauge moisture near the roots of your money tree.

In winter, you may find that your plant's soil is drying at a different rate -- faster due to dry home conditions or slower due to fewer hours of daylight. Adjust your watering frequency to accommodate the change.

This plant also needs some gentle humidity of around 50%; if you keep it on a tray of wet pebbles that release moisture into the leafy canopy your plant should avoid crispy leaves in the dry winter.

You can find full care information for this plant in our Money Tree Guide.


  • Last Updated Jul 13, 2021
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  • Answered By Leslie Coleman

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