Q. How should I care for my Celosia at the end of the growing season?

Can I keep them indoors as houseplants during the winter?


Celosia are tender and will die once temperatures drop into the 30 to 40° F. zone, or below. If they are planted in containers, they are even more exposed, as the roots are closer to the chilly air. If you live outside of USDA zones 10 – 12, your Celosia are very unlikely to survive the winter and, like all annual plants, will need to be replanted next year. You can cut your entire plant to the ground once it turns brown or loses its attractive qualities.

In zones 10 - 12, your plant has a good chance of regrowing in the spring. Cut back flowers but allow the leaves to remain on the plant until they die back; the energy they create during late season photosynthesis is beneficial to the health of the plant.

Celosia do not make successful houseplants if brought indoors at the end of the season.

For more information, see our Guide to Celosia Care.

Courtesy of NYBG Plant Information Service

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