How should I take care of a purple waffle plant?


Purple waffle plant (Strobilanthes alternata 'Exotica', syn. Hemigraphis alternata 'Exotica') is a tropical houseplant that needs very bright but indirect light - too little light and it will lose its deep purple leaf color; too much and the leaf color will fade and bleach.

Like all Strobilanthes, the purple waffle plant is native to warm habitats and should always be protected from chill, keeping the room temperature above 60ºF. Water thoroughly and then water again when the top half inch of soil is dry during the growing season. During a 3 month winter rest period, let the soil grow dryer but never allow it to completely dry out.

If roots grow out from the surface of the soil, re-pot the plant in equal parts organic potting soil and rich, moisture-retentive, leaf mold. Feed the plant with any good quality organic houseplant food every two weeks, except during the 3 month winter rest period.

These plants tend to become stalky and lose both lower leaves and rich leaf color as they age. If this happens, it is time to replace your plant.

Courtesy of NYBG Plant Information Service

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