In what parts of the country can I grow lantana?


Lantana camara (latana) is a tropical region shrub and will grow well only in USDA zones 10 and 11. In the continental United States, that includes only the warmest areas of Florida, California and Arizona. The roots remain hardy in zone 9 and lantana can be grown there with top growth dying back in winter but re-emerging in spring.

Despite the profuse and long-lasting flowers, this plant is considered a weed in many warm regions where it has naturalized and spreads quickly. In the Northeastern United States, grow lantana in containers and bring it inside to a sunny location with temperature steadily in the 40's. Or grow it as an annual garden feature.

This plant grows best in a sunny position, in slightly acid, well-drained soil.

You can also grow lantana as a houseplant if you have a window that gets strong sun for at least three hours a day, year round. They also need to have a short rest at lower than typical home temperatures after they finish flowering - 50ºF. with continued strong sun is ideal. Reduce water and withhold fertilizer during this period. In late winter/ early spring, prune back the plant to a height of about 6 inches for an enduring compact shape and free flowering.

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