How often should I re-pot a Miltoniopsis (pansy) orchid?


Miltoniopsis (pansy orchids) grow in a cloud forest environment where they are likely to be saturated daily and need to be watered when the potting medium only just begins to dry on top so that it has constant moisture. The strong humidity in which they are kept helps to stabilize the moisture in the growing medium.They are not tolerant of water with a high mineral content, and the leaves will discolor if hard water is used on them.

When Miltoniopsis outgrow their space or the growing medium has deteriorated, they should be re-potted. Miltoniopsis is easily damaged by the impurities that accumulate if kept in deteriorating growing medium. Replacing potting mixture is best accomplished every one to two years when new growth is beginning.  It is important to remove as much of the old potting medium from the roots as possible by shaking or rinsing the roots under water. Any rotting roots need to be removed immediately with sterile tools. 

Orchids require good drainage and good root aeration to grow. A finely textured, orchid mixture suitable for fine roots, like those incorporating fir bark or tree fern with small amounts of perlite and charcoal, is preferable for Miltoniopsis. Keep the pot snug and shallow for best flowering. Be sure to use only quality orchid potting mixes and never substitute landscape mulches for orchid potting mediums.

Read more about caring for Miltoniopsis in our Miltonia and Miltoniopsis Culture Guide.

Courtesy of NYBG Plant Information Service

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