I have a variegated string of pearls houseplant in a western window. Is that enough light to keep its pink coloration?


Succulents, like Curio rowleyanus (string of pearls) are most healthy in full sunlight. Variegated plants give up some of their leaf surface to non-photosynthesizing, pigmented tissue and if the light isn't strong enough will begin to revert to all-green coloration as a survival strategy.
Western light could be enough if it is unobstructed inside and out. One thing to keep in mind is that there will be an easy-to-read signal if the plant doesn't have enough light - less pink coloration. And the process is reversible if addressed quickly. Additional light will typically restore variegation.
If you would like to add supplemental light,  please look through our Guide to Artificial Light for Houseplants. You will find guidelines for the type of light, the color spectrum, positioning the light and hours of supplemental light to deliver in the guide. Providing supplemental light to a single plant should not be difficult or cumbersome.
Courtesy of NYBG Plant Information Service


  • Last Updated Apr 18, 2023
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