Will using rooting hormone on the stems of Virburnum and planting them help me to grow more plants?

We need to add to a hedge of leatherleaf virburnum and are having trouble finding matching plants.


Propagating your Viburnam dentatum through softwood cuttings is a good strategy. It is a process that should be undertaken with some precision to get the results that you are hoping for - multiple, healthy plants to supplement your hedge. Taking the right sized cutting of a healthy plant, at the right time of year and then controlling the environment in which the cutting is kept while it roots is important. While there are some plants cuttings that can, essentially, just be stuck in the earth and grow, these ones need more supervision but can result in genetically identical plants to the parent plant, over time.

This excellent article from Penn State University runs through the steps of taking soft wood cuttings of Viburnum dentatum, which can be taken in the spring. Typically, this is a procedure that would be undertaken in a greenhouse environment and providing humidity during the process is critical. The cutting will develop roots in about a month.

Courtesy of NYBG Plant Information Service

  • Last Updated Apr 26, 2023
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